Using Internal Linking to Optimize your Website

Using Internal Linking to Optimize your Website

There are benefits to optimising your internal linking structure.  The following article talks about how you can apply simple steps to boost the internal links on your blog without making things difficult.

Keep in mind how you direct page rank on your site, and you need to be aware of the PR you send to those pages that really do not require it. Every blog has pages that are not very important such as the privacy policy page, terms of use, disclaimers, etc. You should have those pages, but it is not necessarily required.

Don’t Make Things Hard: You want your visitors to easily locate the most vital pages on your website or blog, so don’t bury them behind an excessive number of links. Your most critical articles or pages should not be further than two clicks from your main page, both from an SEO viewpoint as well as user happiness. Search engines favour those pages that are easily accessible from the homepage.

Like many other websites or blogs, you can include a menu in your sidebar that has a list of all your popular posts or pages. So keeping this in mind, select all the high priority pages on your site and link to them from the main page.

For blogs write a Summary: You can also create summary posts regularly featuring links to your most recent and best articles, with a small description of each one. This is another chance for you to add some great internal links to your blog while also making life easier for your readers, so those who are new can find your best content and those who have been visiting your blog for a while can catch up on anything they may missed. When you create a summary of your links, you draw the attention of search engine spiders to some of your older posts while also making sure they get plenty of traffic. It is important that you always look for new ways to create links to older articles.

Any text you post the is slightly related to another article you have written should include a link right away.

You can also improve the CTR from RSS readers by including internal links in the first few paragraphs of your articles. Your ultimate objective should be to have an organised blog or website that contents great content and simple navigation. Every single internal link that you add to your blog should lead your reader to something more relevant and helpful.